The 45 Sexiest Women Ever Drawn

Cartoons, Comics, Video Games… they’re all a part of a man’s life. From the time he’s just a boy, until he’s a grown man, they’re watching cartoons, reading comics, and playing video games. And the people behind the scenes that create these awesome forms of entertainment know that guys dig hot chicks. So, they put them in everywhere they can. These women look hot, and we don’t complain. Here, in no particular order, are…

The 45 Sexiest Women Ever Drawn

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Be sure to tell us your favorites and anyone we might have left off in the comments section!

59 thoughts on “The 45 Sexiest Women Ever Drawn”

  1. what about Wonder Woman, Esmerelda from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, Elastigirl from the Incredibles, and the Teela from the recent Masters of the Universe?

  2. All EXCELLENT choices (I didn’t know if anyone had even remembered Psylocke)!! If I had to add one, I’d say “Mandy” by Dean Yeagle. If you haven’t yet, check her out!!

  3. GUYS! You’ve made a big mistake.
    This list is a fail!
    I mean, Where’s MAI SHIRANUI??? and Mileena if you don’t count her mouth, also there’s IVY from soul-calibur.

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