Insane Things People Do To Protest Other Things

Man, some people get really worked up about things. Sure, I can see where they’re coming from sometimes. But, the reactions they have and the actions they take often seem a little… out there.

Take this guy’s sign.

I also recently caught a news story on, where a girl has officially changed her name to a URL to protest animal dissections.

Her new name,

A bet her dad is going “That’s my girl!” and secretly wishing he had some kind of accident in high school that kept him from having children.

Here’s her site:

Curious about some other Insane things people have done in protest? Check out the links below.

1. Started a new country: U.S. Revolution

2. Set themselves on fire:

3. Battled Tanks, with just their body:

4. Lock down, or chain themselves to something:

5. Fake Death:

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