The 50 Most Unique Representations Of Darth Vader

Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker; the Republic’s Only Hope; Luke’s Father; the Emperor’s Apprentice; and One of the Most Recognizable Characters in all of Pop Culture.

Darth Vader made us appreciate the power of the force, and gave us reason to cheer on the good guys. He made us sad when we saw how he came to be, and angry at how people pretend to be him at Halloween.

Darth Vader is an icon. And it’s apparent by the massive amounts of toys, posters, art, figurines, videos, and more that people make/build/design of him. However, some people get it all wrong.

Some are cute, some are funny, some are cool, and some are just plain wrong. In no particular order, here’s the The 50 Most Unique Representations Of Darth Vader to show how much the world “appreciates” and “respects” him. Enjoy!


1. Giant Darth Vader Inflatable – The coolest bouncy castle in the world.

2. Darth Vader Mug – Darth takes his coffee black.

3. Darth Vader USB Port – Every Sith Lord should have one on his PC.

4. Darth Vader Back Pack – The best part is the kid’s hat, it reads “Comic Images Security.”

5. Darth Vader from Family Guy – Nothing is more depressing then seeing the guy who killed Obi Wan working as a meter maid.

6. Darth Vader Mosaic – Art at it’s finest.

7. Darth Vader Flashlight – Use the force… and by force, we mean that flashlight.

8. Darth Vader Dog – This actually looks like a cross between Vader and Yoda.

9. Darth Vader Clock – If you look close enough, you can see one of these in that medical ball Vader uses as a bedroom.

10. Darth Vader Cuff Links – Perfect for weddings, proms, and business meetings.

11. Darth Vader Watch – What time is it? Time to turn to the dark side.

12. Darth Vader Flash Drive – Perfect for use with your Vader USB Port.

13. Darth Vader “Sith Happens” – Truer words have never been spoken.

14. Darth Vader Botanical Garden – Little known fact, Vader loves to garden.

15. Darth Vader Duckie – Vader Duckie you’re the one, that makes bath time so much fun.

16. Darth Vader Painting – Depiction of Vader conquering Europe in the 1700’s.

17. Darth Vader Pez – The best part, it dispenses little X-Wing candies… nah, we’re kidding.

18. Darth Vader Burger King Mascot – Advertising inflatable from Burger King, does anyone else think his hands look like the Swedish Chef’s?

19. Darth Vader Laptop – For controlling the Death Star from home… also for downloading porn.

20. Darth Vader Transformer – Vadertron is watching you download porn on your Vader Laptop 2000.

21. Darth Vader Hologram Bobble Head – Better than the regular bobble head, it’s blue!

22. Darth Vader Slippers – It gets cold on the Death Star, these go perfect with a warm cup of cocoa.

23. Darth Vader Steampunk – With a lightsaber made of steam and a monocle?

24. Darth Vader Girly Edition – Scrapped from the original film…

25. Darth Vader “Who’s Your Daddy?” – Standard issue garb in the Death Star’s Orphanage.

26. Darth Vader Step Art – Art on a step… only question is what building approved this?

27. Darth Vader Stackable Art – Looks kinda like a Darth themed Chia head.

28. Darth Vader Nutcracker – Your mom would love this sitting on her mantle, trust us.

29. Darth Vader Samurai – Badass is it not?

30. Darth Vader Lego Man – Star of Lego Star Wars, where was this playset when we were kids?!?!

31. Darth Vader built from Legos – Once again, where was this playset when we were kids?!?!

32. Darth Vader Cupcakes – Made for some lucky kid’s birthday party… just kidding, he was 32!

33. Darth Vader Bear Hybrid – Canadians love two things, polar bears and Vader… this is the freak child of both loves.

34. Darth Tater – The single greatest potato themed toy ever.

35. Darth Vader Gargoyle – Very real and from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

36. Darth Vader Ornament – Christmas themed Vader, once again… remember your mom this holiday season.

37. Darth Vader Fridge Magnet – Vader is fine… but that Tigger looks like he has a belly ache.

39. Darth Vader Fiddler – Swing your partner round and round… wait, WTF?!?! Vader playing a fiddle?

40. Darth Vader Butter Statue – Mmmmm. Butter.

41. Darth Vader Battles A Unicorn – Epic.

42. Darth Vader Surfer – Let’s go surfing now, every Vader’s learning how…

43. Darth Vader Builds A SnowDeathStar – The cutest thing you’ll see this Christmas.

44. Darth Vader Sand Sculpture – Umm… why is Yoda sitting on his lap? And why is he using R2D2 to rest his arm? And why does he have a blanket over his legs? So many questions…

45. Darth Vader Pumpkin – The sad thing is, this will eventually rot away… such a loss.

46. Darth Vader Lamp – Perfect to read your “Chicken Soup for the Sith Soul” book by.

47. Darth vader/Hello Kitty Tattoo – Wow.

48. Darth Vader Cat – A cat dressed as Darth Vader. Our first thought was, who would dress their cat up like this. Then we thought, cats are so weird, they’d probably do it themselves just to screw with us.

49. Darth Vader Cookies – Nom Nom Nom

50. Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon – The original plans for the Death Star weren’t nearly as intimidating.

27 thoughts on “The 50 Most Unique Representations Of Darth Vader”

  1. The Darth Vader steps picture is from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, during their Star Wars exhibit. Every new exhibit brings a new look to their steps – during the Egyptian exhibit, the steps were King Tut.

  2. It really is a shame to see crappy blog posts like this that make NO effort to come up with something original, nor any effort to SHOW CITATION for the works that OTHER PEOPLE spent their time to create. “Top Ten Whatever” Lists should be banned. Admins of sites that don’t cite, should be shot.

  3. […“Top Ten Whatever” Lists should be banned. Admins of sites that don’t cite, should be shot.]

    Wow, good thing this guy isn’t “the decider” hahah. Blogger with a day job at the RIAA maybe?

  4. #31 is life size, so to speak, and can be found in the NE corner of the second floor of F.A.O. Schwartz in NYC.

  5. All this Star Wars stuff is crap. What kind of loser keeps putting on this Halloween costume dink crap.
    How about coming up with something a little more original if youre gonna always be stuck in childhood.
    “Star Wars….Nothing but Star Wars. Who’s sick of Star Wars… I sure am.

  6. 26. Darth Vader Step Art – Art on a step… only question is what building approved this?

    Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It was awesome!

  7. I actually used to have one of those watches, it was made of metal, sharp as hell and never kept accurate time. Woulda been good in a fight though

  8. The cat at the end cracked me up. Wasn’t there a pic of a guy in a vader costume following some nuns? That would have been a good one.

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