The Top 10 Videos Of MacGyver Being A Badass

Everyone jokes that “MacGyver could fix a car with a toothpick and a piece of gum.” Well, it’s true. He could. But more than that, MacGyver was a badass. So, to pay tribute, here’s a bunch of videos of him.


MacGyver Intro: An inspiration to us all.

MacGyver and his Coffin Jet Ski: You’ve gotta give this until the 1:08 mark.

MacGyver Smack!: MacGyver wallops the shit out of some bad guy.

MacGyver vs. Bigfoot: So yes, apparently Bigfoot is real, and MacGyver can kick his ass.

MacGyver Sucker Punch: Joined by what appears to be a cracked out Jessica Simpson.

MacGyver the Puppetmaster: It’s not cool enough to simply hide and jump out and punch someone.

MacGyver Fights: He doesn’t kill, but he’ll let someone be killed, he’s cool with that.

MacGyver vs. Murdok: First he smarts off to his woman, then he gets slashed with a knife, then he throws a guy from the cliff, then he saves the girl… we bet the next part was then he has his way with the woman.

MacGyver in a Knife Fight: This should be called, MacGyver tries to break his neck.

MacGyver Fights a Woman: Nothing in the world will beat the eyebrow raise at the end.

10 thoughts on “The Top 10 Videos Of MacGyver Being A Badass”

  1. Ok, this ONE time I will grant a pardon for the Mullet Offense. but only ecuase we’re talking about Mac here.

    Macguyver Trivia – Mac hates guns. This is said repeatedly throughout the series. But on one occasion he did use one. Name the occasion and the use (hint – it was not for shooting).

  2. macgyver hates guns but he uses them in different ways on several occations, one time he uses the gunpowder in a bullet to blow a lock. But he does also fires a gun in one episode, ep1 of season 1 when they hadnt finished his character he used a machinegun before he jumps off a mountain with a homer made paraglider(not sure if its the right word,it was one of does triangle things you hang under)

  3. Man Overboard… The one I’m thinking of is when he shuts off a leaking valve at a nuclear power plant using a revolver as a wrench!!!

  4. Man_Overboard: He used a gun when he was with Amy at that nuclear power plant that was melting down. He had dropped his wrench, so used the gun as a wrench to open the pressure valve.

    Yeah, we’re huge MacGyver fans here. We have all the seasons that have been released on DVD so far.

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