How Much Is…

If I can offer one piece of advice to the 5 of you reading my post, it’s this gem: Don’t get into the sales business. Please, I know you’re thinking, “You know what would be fun, selling something!” Well, guess what Jimmy, you’re wrong! Selling things is about as much fun as watching your dog choke on a rawhide. Sure it’s humorous because your dog is making funny faces… but it sucks when the rawhide is spit up with all the snot and saliva coated around it and lands on your jeans that you JUST FREAKING BOUGHT!

I’m serious though, screw selling things. Today, there’s a phone call:
“Hello Pool Store, how can I help you?” I ask lightheartedly.
“How much is ya’lls cheapest inground pool?” The delightful country bumpkin asks from her bedazzled with rhinestones Razr.(this has yet to be proven, but I will update upon further investigation)

Artist’s Conceptual Image

Well,” I say “That all depends on what type of pool you’re wanting to buy.”
“I said inground…”
“So you did. Well let me check my price book…ah, here it is $100,000.00”
“Thanks!” She answers, not missing a beat, nor a puff of her Marlboro Red.(this has yet to be proven, but I will update upon further investigation)

(Police Sketch Artist Image Based on Description)

“You are a moron!” I say under my breath.
“I said ‘You are welcome!'”

Selling things is for the birds.

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