John McCain… A Robot Problem

If you haven’t heard, the latest from the Presidential Debate is that John McCain is employing “Robo Calls” to reach out to potential voters. Here’s a blip of the story from the AP.


McCain draws bipartisan criticism for ‘robo calls’

LAS VEGAS – Two senators in opposing political parties asked Republican presidential candidate John McCain to stop the automated phone calls that link Democratic candidate Barack Obama to a 1960s radical.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, made separate appeals to McCain on Friday. Collins faces a tough race for re-election and serves as a co-chairwoman of his Maine campaign.

“These kind of tactics have no place in Maine politics,” Collins spokesman Kevin Kelley said. “Sen. Collins urges the McCain campaign to stop these call immediately.”


I couldn’t agree more. We’ve obviously got a problem here, and that problem is that John McCain is being controlled by robots.

I know Senator, it’s very shocking. And you’ve been caught!

But, it got me to thinking… who is his cabinet? What robots would be qualified to lead this country, and guide McCain if he is elected?

The Department of Defense – Secretary ED 209

Credentials: Big guns.

The Department of Education – Secretary Johnny 5

Credentials: Reads books really fast.

The Department of State – Secretary C3PO

Credentials: Fluent in over 6 Million forms of communication.

The Department of Labor – Secretary Rosie

Credentials: Good at cleaning things…that’s labor right?

The Department of Energy – Robby the Robot

Credentials: We can only assume he knows about Energy, he’s a robot and requires it.

The Department of Commerce – Bender

Credentials: No clue… he’s witty?

The Transportation Department – Secretary Optimus Prime

Credentials: Transforms into a truck.


On a side note, if you haven’t seen this picture, check it out. Hilarious!

Gotta love politics.