15 Awkward Celebrity Encounters

Oh man! It’s so exciting to meet a celebrity! But, oh how awkward the photos of a meeting with a celebrity can be. Below, you’ll see The 15 Most Awkward Celebrity Encounters we could find. Some even feature celebrities meeting other celebrities. Enjoy!

Hulk Hogan meets James Blunt
This has to go down as the most hilarious thing ever caught on camera. I can just hear the conversation. “Yo brother, it’s nice to meet you. Sure, go ahead and grab my arm, you seem like a nice enough lady.”


Ray Romano meets a girl who’s a huge fan of cats
Everybody Loves Raymond. Except for this girl, she prefers cats.

Ray Romano with Victoria by Macblanc.

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The Top 10 Steps To The “Perfect” Band Photo

So, you’ve started a band. Well, it’s all fine and dandy if you’re able to sing and play your instruments. What’s important… what will make you a star… what will sell your albums… what will get you ladies… is the perfect band photo.

Your photo is what record labels will see to get a first impression. Your photo will be in magazines where you shout to the world your greatness. And most importantly, your photo is going to grace the cover of your debut cd. You can’t screw around, you’ve got to get it perfect.

So, we are here to help. To give you and your band mates the knowledge and the know how so you can achieve greatness… through photography.


Step #1 – Make sure everyone in the band is in the shot.

Band 4

Yep, even that one guy that doesn’t look like he belongs. Sure, he probably plays the fiddle or the fucking flute or something… but he’s in the band. And he’ll bitch if you don’t put him in the photo. Save yourself the trouble, and just put him in, but for goodness sake, put him in the back. Which, leads us to our next step.

Step #2 – Make sure that people are staggered.

View Image

Sure, you’re all an important part of the band. But, damn it if that one guy in the band doesn’t ever dress cool enough. Put him at the back. And while you’re at it, remind him afterwards that he’s in a band, not working at the library. He’ll work harder on looking better on the next photo. Continue reading The Top 10 Steps To The “Perfect” Band Photo