The Top 10 Videos Of MacGyver Being A Badass

Everyone jokes that “MacGyver could fix a car with a toothpick and a piece of gum.” Well, it’s true. He could. But more than that, MacGyver was a badass. So, to pay tribute, here’s a bunch of videos of him.


MacGyver Intro: An inspiration to us all.

MacGyver and his Coffin Jet Ski: You’ve gotta give this until the 1:08 mark.

MacGyver Smack!: MacGyver wallops the shit out of some bad guy.

MacGyver vs. Bigfoot: So yes, apparently Bigfoot is real, and MacGyver can kick his ass.

MacGyver Sucker Punch: Joined by what appears to be a cracked out Jessica Simpson.

MacGyver the Puppetmaster: It’s not cool enough to simply hide and jump out and punch someone.

MacGyver Fights: He doesn’t kill, but he’ll let someone be killed, he’s cool with that.

MacGyver vs. Murdok: First he smarts off to his woman, then he gets slashed with a knife, then he throws a guy from the cliff, then he saves the girl… we bet the next part was then he has his way with the woman.

MacGyver in a Knife Fight: This should be called, MacGyver tries to break his neck.

MacGyver Fights a Woman: Nothing in the world will beat the eyebrow raise at the end.