The 8 Greatest Pranks To Pull This Halloween

Trick or Treat! Halloween is literally right around the corner, and we know everyone is excited about the candy and costumes. But the treats aren’t the only thing that’s fun about Halloween. Tricks can bring just as much enjoyment to you and your friends as a whole bag full of goodies.

And we’re here to help you out, because “The Man” wants to keep Halloween pranksters down.

May we present: The 8 Greatest Pranks to Pull This Halloween.

(Please note: These pranks can be done anytime at all during the year, don’t limit yourself!)


#1 Toilet Paper a House
Tools Required: Massive Amounts of Toilet Paper

Toilet Papering a House comes in at number one because of the sheer magnitude of the prank. You don’t go out and throw one roll of toilet paper at a house, oh no, you throw 100 rolls at a house. If it’s on sale you might throw 200, but let’s not push the matter. And this isn’t a prank that just affects the prankee, the whole neighborhood is suffering the wrath of this one. It doesn’t matter if you live four houses down, you can see that toilet paper, and you know that somebody is having a bad day. Plus, the damn stuff just doesn’t pull out of the trees or clean up with a rag. It could take four to five weeks for it to rain and properly break down all of the material. If you pull this prank, you mean business.

Below: The gang of “That 70’s Show” have a toilet papering party!


#2 Wrap a Car in Saran Wrap
Tools Required: Massive Amounts of Saran Wrap

The perfect prank to play on someone you want to mess with, but not piss off to the point that they press charges. The saran wrapped car will have no damage done to it, but without a doubt will totally screw up the day of whoever you decided to punish. It’ll take a lot of saran wrap to properly cover the entire car too, so don’t step up to the plate unprepared. Upwards of fifteen rolls may be required to ensure that your car is “protected” from the elements and other pranksters. There you go, if you get caught, you have an out. You were just protecting the car from eggs and shaving cream.

Below: Guy finds his car wrapped the next morning. Be sure to check out the part at 1:04, it’s priceless!


#3 Pinked House
Tools Required: Massive Amounts of Pink Yard Flamingos

If a fun prank where no one gets hurt is what you’re after, you’re a weenie. But, if you’re a weenie and still want to go out and raise hell, even a diluted hell… this is for you. It’s probably also the most expensive option on the list, because you will need to buy a crap load of the super fun Pink Yard Flamingos. Of course, if you’re not interested in buying these items, you could steal them from everyone else that owns one. The flamingos must be placed in the front yard, and spread out evenly throughout the yard to get the full effect of the prank. You want it to look natural, and take a long time for the home owner to pick them all up.

Below:A kid finds his front yard littered with Pink Flamingos and does a play by play. From this video it’s easy to see why his house got pranked.


#4 Burning Bag of Poop
Tools Required: Paper Bag, Lighter, Dog Poop

The funniest prank in the world, and the only one that has the potential to cause massive damage to a home, so be careful! First of all you need to make sure that someone is actually home before you do this prank. Secondly, make sure they don’t have a wooden deck. If either of these two issues is a concern, please don’t even try the burning sack of poo prank. The last thing you want is to burn someone’s house down. If done properly and safely, and with fresh enough poo, this prank can make your night the funniest ever. Just imagine stepping in poo, and how bad that sucks. Now imagine that poo is on fire. See, it’s worse!

Below: Old Man Clemens hates shit! This is our absolute favorite scene from “Billy Madison.”


#5 Egg a House
Tool Required: Massive Amounts of Eggs

The most heinous of all of the pranks on this list. If you’ve ever had this done to you, and we have, you know that’s it’s disgusting and can cause some pretty major damage if not removed quickly enough. Only throw eggs at someone you don’t like at all. Because odds are, if they ever find out about it, they’ll never speak to you again, and they’ll probably throw a bag of burning poo on your wooden porch when you’re not home. Raw eggs can damage paint on cars, houses, and doors… so pick your targets well. Try a brick home for the same effect minus the damage. Or, for a whole new spin, hard boil your eggs and then toss them on the roof.

Below: Action gets started around the :30 sec mark;then it’s egg throwin’ time.


#6 Shaving Cream Attack
Tools Required: Massive Amounts of Shaving Cream

If you choose to take it up a notch and attack someone’s house or car with shaving cream, you are throwing down the gauntlet and asking for war. It will etch itself onto painted materials, take the gloss off of a car, and dry up and be virtually impossible to get off of materials without a heavy rinse. If you want someone to come at you like in the above picture, then swing for the fence and unload a couple of cans on their new car or garage door. If you want to make an impact but not an enemy, try writing/drawing creative things in their lawn with the shaving cream. We suggest something especially vulgar, like a penis. For added fun, try filling up a balloon with shaving cream and dropping it on people/things/animals.

Below: A couple of kids become the biggest assholes in town.


#7 Steal and Smash Pumpkins
Tools Required: Your Hands, A Hard Surface

The old classic, and probably the safest and most harmless prank of them all. You’ll still upset the guy that spent a couple hours carving the perfect monster face on his pumpkin, or the kid that painted hers all afternoon. But, they’ll get over it. Pumpkins rot fairly quick anyway, and besides… Halloween will be over by the time they discover their Jack-O-Lantern has been put to rest in the middle of the street. Be creative though in how you break the pumpkins, tossing them off of high structures and onto your friends is not recommended, but there are certainly inventive ways to take care of business. Check out the annual Punkin Chunkin Contest for example. Farthest “Chunked” Pumpkin… 4434 feet.

Below: Awesomeness.


#8 Ding Dong Ditch
Tools Required: A Ditch, A Lack of Fear (Balls)

First of all, don’t be like the kid in the picture above. Your victim would be able to spot you a mile away in a giant red cowboy hat in the daytime. We suggest giant black cowboy hats in the middle of the night. That is, providing that you have to have a giant cowboy hat on. Otherwise, dress like a ninja. The object is to pick a house out that has a door that’s easily accessible, has a ditch or a bunch of bushes nearby, and is owned by a slow person. For the best results, have someone video taping the event, because the odds are your doorbell ringer won’t have time to enjoy the show since he’s probably going to be shot at and running for his life.

Below: Some kids hit up a house with the Ding Dong Ditch, hang around until the 2:10 mark for a funny finish.


There’s probably a thousand different pranks that you could pull off this Halloween that would be awesome. These are just a few tried and true examples. If you have some good stories about pranks you’ve done, please tell us about them in the Comment Section.

But remember, no matter what you do, try to be safe and not cause any permanent damage to anyone’s property. Repainting the side of a house or car is not cool. Halloween is supposed to be a fun time, and you don’t want to go to jail for something silly.

Happy Halloween!

15 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That’ll Make You Look Stupid

You know guys have it pretty damn rough when it comes to Halloween. We have about 3 options for costumes.

#1 Something Scary

#2 Something Funny

#3 Something Cool from Pop Culture

The first option is pretty self explanatory; ghosts, zombies, monsters. The second option is also easy to get, take a joke and run with it; black eyed pea, pimp, or fat stripper. But the third option is where we run into some snags.

As a kid, Halloween was our opportunity to be something we couldn’t be in real life, if only for one night. And you know what, we ran with it. If we wanted to be He-Man, we were He-Man. But, as adults, the expectations change. It didn’t matter as kids, because no one had a good memory, and we were all focused on the candy anyway. But, as adults, our cred is on the line, and if you wear the wrong Halloween costume, you’re done for. Forget dating, forget that cool new job, forget friends!

Below, The 15 Most Pathetic Excuses For Pop Culture Halloween Costumes. Long story short, don’t try any of these!


1.) Optimus Prime – Huge movie and even bigger cartoon series. Optimus Prime and the other Transformers were more than meets the eye, not you though, you’re obviously gonna be a dipshit in this.

2.) Batman – It’s going to be one of the hottest outfits this Halloween, like it has been for 20 years or so…and it will still suck. You might make the excuse that you’re classic Batman; no one will buy it.

3.) The Joker – Our prediction is that 2 out of every 5 people this Halloween will attempt to be The Joker…key word, attempt. Unless you’re paying someone to do your make up, you’re just a clown.

4.) Capt. Jack Sparrow – This isn’t just a pirate outfit, it’s the official Jack Sparrow pirate outfit.  Unless you are Johnny Depp, just stick with plain ol’ pirate.

5.) Hulk – Now we finally know the reason the Hulk is so pissed off, he has the worst Halloween costume on the planet. And flesh colored hands and feet.

6.) Spider-man – We love the movies, we love the comics, but you couldn’t pay us enough to wear this outfit out of the house. Looks more like pajamas.

7.) Darth Vader – The outfit as a whole really isn’t that bad, but there’s two big problems. First Darth had gloves, and second he didn’t ever wear casual slacks and wingtips.

8.) King Leonidas – If you don’t have the muscles, please don’t try and be a Spartan for Halloween, fake ones don’t count. It doesn’t matter how “real” it looks.

9.) Aragorn – Oh, that’s a really awesome Frodo Baggins Hobbit outfit! Wait… oh you’re Aragorn, didn’t he have a bigger sword?

10.) Shrek – That confused look on Shrek’s face? He just can’t believe someone could look like such an incredible huge jackass.

11.) Stewie Griffin – One of the funniest characters on television, Stewie brings laughter into the homes of millions. You’ll also cause laughter, but it’ll be because people will make fun of you.

12.) Eric Cartman – The biggest little potty mouth in South Park has his own Halloween costume. If you wear it, you’ll literally be the sand in the vagina of any party you go to.

13.) Lucky the Leprachaun – This costume comes complete with the Charms you’ll find in Lucky’s cereal. You’ll need each and everyone if you hope to be lucky enough not to get eggs thrown at you.

14.) Fred Flintstone – He’s been in cartoons and movies, he has his own cereal and vitamins, Fred Flintstone has it all, including a ridiculous Halloween outfit modeled after him.

15.) Master Chief – One can only guess at the amount of carnage Master Chief would inflict on the world were he to see this costume. You’ll probably have to settle for the wedgie your buddies will give you.


Well, you’ve been warned. If you value your life as you know it, avoid these and the other ridiculous costumes on sale this Halloween, and go for something more traditional.

Also, be sure to share your crazy Halloween costume/party/experience stories in the comment section!

The 15 Sexiest Halloween Costumes Based On Pop Culture

This Halloween, women will spend one day doing what they refuse to do 364 days out of the year. Dressing up in a sexy outfit. And a lot will choose to depict one of their man’s boyhood fantasies; Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Cheetara from The Thundercats being a couple good examples. And the truth is, there’s a good possibility they’ll do it completely wrong. Like say you want to go after one of the Hottest Super Heroes ever, Wonder Woman.

Whether it’s the wrong color hair, not enough leg showing, or just plain old boring; there’s a right way and a wrong way. We’re here to show you how to do it right with this handy Pictorial Guide To Sexy Women’s Halloween Costumes.


Princess Leia from Star Wars: Return of The Jedi

The original hotness, Princess Leia was the reason most boys reached manhood back in the day.

Princess Leia from Star Wars: A New Hope

It’s okay Luke, if Princess Leia was our sister and we didn’t know it, we’d have kissed her too.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

There’s just something about the innocent demeanor of Dorothy that makes you think of the girl next door, you know, the one that is a total hottie.

Rainbow Brite

Probably the least like the original, in this case it’s a very good thing, the giant sized head Rainbow was sporting isn’t very sexy at all.

Daphne from Scooby Doo

Daphne was the only reason any of us bothered to watch Scooby Doo… talking dog, pfft; hot redhead, yes!

Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

The number one reason we spent hours bouncing Mario over pits, mushrooms, turtles, and lava.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland

The movie was all based on some kind of weird dream Alice had, we’re having some kind of dream too.

Hermoine from The Harry Potter Movies

This outfit is way sexier than the Hagrid costume.

She-Ra Princess of Power

Sure, you told everyone we watched She-Ra because of the cool villains, but it was all because of her.

Cinderalla from Cinderella

We never understood how no one could tell how cute she was while not dressed up.

Chun Li from Street Fighter 2

You probably never wanted to play with her on the game because she was a girl, but, didn’t mind watching her fight.

Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

It’s easy to see why 7 undersized men would be willing to slave over this girl.

Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Let’s just say that Roger was the luckiest sumbitch in the animated world.

Jem from Jem and the Holograms

Your sister probably watched this everytime it was on, and you stayed in the room and pretended to play with G.I. Joe’s.

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

There’s just something about her attitude when she gets pissed off at Peter Pan that makes her such a turn on.


That’s it for the sexy ladies. Tomorrow, check in to see some of the outfits that guys wear only to end up looking like total screw ups. Come back, it should be a lot of fun.