15 Awkward Celebrity Encounters

Oh man! It’s so exciting to meet a celebrity! But, oh how awkward the photos of a meeting with a celebrity can be. Below, you’ll see The 15 Most Awkward Celebrity Encounters we could find. Some even feature celebrities meeting other celebrities. Enjoy!

Hulk Hogan meets James Blunt
This has to go down as the most hilarious thing ever caught on camera. I can just hear the conversation. “Yo brother, it’s nice to meet you. Sure, go ahead and grab my arm, you seem like a nice enough lady.”


Ray Romano meets a girl who’s a huge fan of cats
Everybody Loves Raymond. Except for this girl, she prefers cats.

Ray Romano with Victoria by Macblanc.

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The Goonies… Where Are They Now?

The Goonies is one of my, and I bet your, favorite movies of all time. It’s just got everything you could possible ask for in a movie. Action, suspense, mystery, comedy, a great cast, a fun plot, and Sloth.

So what’s up with The Goonies crew? Where are they now? What are they doing? Are they even alive?


Mikey – Sean Astin

Mikey is the hero of the movie who’s out to save his neighborhood, The Goon Docks, from demolition. His goal, to find the lost treasure of the pirate One Eyed Willy. He overcomes his problems with asthma and dyslexia by being a genuinely positive and enthusiastic attitude. Mikey is played by Sean Astin. Astin went on to star in the movie Rudy, and most importantly the role of Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. A role that would springboard him into stardom, directing opportunities, and guest starring roles. He is married and has 3 children.

Chunk – Jeff Cohen

Chunk and the truffle shuffle are probably the most memorable parts of The Goonies with the exception of Sloth. Chunk is the comic relief of the Goonies group, with that humor normally revolving around food. But in the end saves everyone from disaster by teaming up with Sloth to put a stop to the Fratellis. Chunk was played by Jeff Cohen, who has since gone on to graduate from UCLA where he studied law. Cohen now co-owns a law firm in Beverly Hills, California where he practice entertainment law.

Mouth – Cory Feldman

Mouth is the smartass obnoxious best friend of Mikey and from the start of the movie you can easily see how he got his name. He may seem to be more of a hinderance to the Goonies cause, but proves reliable at talking his way out of problems and his fluency in Spanish also plays a key role. Mouth shares a mutual crush on Stef. Cory Feldman played the part of Mouth and a virtual slew of other films in the 80’s and 90’s. Most notably The Lost Boys, Stand By Me, and two movies in the Friday the 13th series. Feldman has battled drugs and poor choices over the years. Most recently making appearances on The Surreal Life and Two Coreys with fellow child star Corey Haim.

Data – Jonathan Ke Quan

The 4th core member of the Goonies group is Data. The brains of the operation, Data is seen throughout the film using a variety of gadgets he invented modeled after his idol James Bond. Though the inventions seem a little silly and useless at first, Data goes on to save the lives of the entire group on more than one occasion. Jonathan Ke Quan started his film career along side Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and has also starred in a couple of TV shows including Head of the Class in the 90’s. Quan is now a stunt coordinator and worked on the X-Men movie.

Brand – Josh Brolin

Brand is Mikey’s older brother and at the beginning against his quest to find the gold. But, pairing his concern for his brother and the crush that he has on fellow Goonie Andy, he eventually does all he can to help. Josh Brolin had his career kickstarted with his role on The Goonies and has gone on to a successful career in acting including No Country For Old Men, American Gangster, and most recently W. He is married and has two kids.

Andy – Kerri Green

Andy is not a Goonie at the start of the movie, in fact she’s pretty much the opposite. An attractive cheerleader from the better side of town she begins the movie dating a football star that antagonizes the group before she starts up her relationship with Brand. Andy eventually solves One Eyed Willy’s most complicated puzzle with her limited knowledge of piano playing. Kerri Green played the role of Andy, and later gained critical acclaim in the movie Lucas. Since then Green has started a film production company called Independent Women Artists.

Stef – Martha Plimpton

Stef is Andy’s best friend and stands by her throughout the movie. Stef is also the opposition to the smart-alec attitude of Mouth and often butts heads with him. This later leads to flirtation. The role of Stef was portrayed by Martha Plimpton who originally gained notice as a model. She has been featured in films throughout her career including The Mosquito Coast and I Shot Andy Warhol, but has made more of an impact in television and theater. She is currently a member of The Steppenwolf Theatre Company Ensemble.

Sloth – John Matuszak

Sloth is the deformed and extra large sibling of the Fratellis, the group the Goonies are challenged by for One Eyed Willy’s gold. Sloth was dropped as a child on more than one occasion by his mother which is what caused his ugly appearance. After being tormented by his family, he befriends Chunk and helps save the day at the end. The character of Sloth was played by John Matuszak, started out his career as a Pro Football player and was a part of two Raiders Superbowl Championship teams. Matuszak would eventually be featured in several other movies and television programs including M*A*S*H, The Dukes of Hazzard, and The A-Team. He died in 1989 at the age of 38 from heart failure, possibly has a result of steroid use.

Mama Fratelli – Anne Ramsey

Mama Fratelli is the elderly and domineering matriarch of the Fratelli clan. Her sons Jake, Francis, and Sloth are the “bad guys” in The Goonies. Looking to get rich quick, Ma Fratelli hounds the kids after they stumble upon her hideout. Anne Ramsey, who was 56 when The Goonies was filmed won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role. She also starred in the film, Throw Momma From the Train which earned her an Oscar Nomination. She died in 1988 of throat cancer.

Jake Fratelli – Robert Davi

Jake Fratelli is the opera singing Fratelli brother who torments the Goonies and his brother Sloth. The part was played by Robert Davi who has gone on to a limited movie career including Diehard and Predator 2. But his most recognizable role was as a lead role in the sitcom The Profiler and later was a part of Stargate Atlantis. He was presented with the LIFETIME Achievement Award by the Italian Board of Directors in New York for his involvement in community. He is married and has 6 children.

Francis Fratelli – Joe Pantoliano

The brains of the Fratelli clan, Francis is often at odds with his brother. Joe Pantoliono played the role of Francis and has since succeeded in having a very successful career in film and television. He’s been featured in The Fugitive, Bad Boys, The Matrix, and Daredevil. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his part in The Sopranos. He is married and has four children.


This article originally started out as a humorous look back at one of my favorite movies of all time. But, I think the movie speaks for itself. I hope you enjoyed finding out about what’s up with the cast of the Goonies as much as I did.

Media Mania

It’s time for your daily dose of wild and wacky news!

<insert cheesy news music>

Young Goddess Announced

So today Nepal has debuted their newest living goddess. A three year old named Matani Shakya was chosen as the brand new “kumari” by Hindu and Buddhist priests after a long and arduous ceremony. She was whisked away from her parents to live in a temple until she reaches puperty, and loses her divinity.

“Will there be Barbies and Hannah Montana tapes in this temple?”

I know right? What kind of little girl wants to spend the rest of their lives cooped up in a temple having cookies and Skittles tossed at them by adoring fans while they watch Dora the Explorer on a 52″ Plasma? I would of course be fine with those things, but I’m not a little girl who got chose as the new “kumari” either. She probably just wanted to be left alone to play with her Easy Bake Oven and her parents wanted to cash in while the getting was good. Way to be model parents you guys.

“Have fun at camp or whatever sweetheart!”

Of course, it’s not like this is the wackiest religious practice in the world. Oh no. Not by a long shot. In fact, with the exception of a choice few most religions have something a little wacky about them. For example Catholics have the whole exorcism thing, Jehovah’s Witnesses will not accept blood transfusions, and Mormons think that Godzilla is real.

Toddlers being dieties, this tops the latest in a string of wacky stories from the media, but it’s certainly not the only one!

Bond Girl Secret

Oh yes, the newest Bond girl Gemma Arterton! Starring in the upcoming “Quantum of Solace” which is looking to be the greatest Bond movie ever, she’s a hottie fo’ sho’. But, don’t get too excited too quick guys and gals. This Brit has a secret she’s not afraid to hide.

“It’s my little oddity that I’m really proud of,” she said to Esquire magazine. “It makes me different.”

Oh, what’s that Gemma, a little different huh? Were you born on Leap Year? That’s so cool.

“No, I used to have 6 fingers on each hand.”

Wait you wha…….!!!!

Apparently the young starlet had the extra fingers removed as a baby, and all that is left is tiny scars. But, it still gives me the heebie jeebies. But, spoiler alert! I guess we can expect the Bond villian to be none other than Inigo Mantoya!

“My name is Inigo Mantoya, you killed my father… omg you were totally hot ’til I heard you had six fingers!”

And if you don’t know who he is, then you haven’t seen one of the greatest movies ever made. So, go out and rent it. Or borrow it from me, I have it on DVD.

Wigs Are Out!

A centuries old practice of English Judges wearing a white horse hair wig while presiding over court ended recently. England has decided that the wigs are either to damn silly to be worn to every day court cases, or we’ve got some horses going on strike.

People are apparently pissed off about this.

“The idea’s ridiculous! A barrister without his wig would be like a doctor without a stethoscope,” said John Mortimer who apparently doesn’t realize a doctor actually uses a stethoscope and a person only wears a wig.

But, here’s the kicker. The wigs will still be worn by criminal case judges, just no one else. Which I’m sure is a relief to all of the regular court attendies who up until recently had to be in the presence of a guy in a wig. Traffic court, Family court, <insert word> court you guys don’t have to face the wrath of a head accessory. England doesn’t want to let the really bad people off so easy though. They still have to face the wig!

“I’m gonna getcha! Nah, I’m kidding, I’m not.”

Oh you damned dirty criminals… God bless your souls.

Mr. Clean is Dead

Wait… what?!?! Is this like where they kill a character in a comic book to stir up ratings and then they bring him back in some issue later on?

“I’ll be back.”

No, ok. Apparently there used to be an actual man who played the part of this bronzed genie like man we see in today’s commercials. He died at the age of 92 and his name was Robert House Peter’s Jr.

“Listen, I’ll clean the damn sink, but I ain’t shavin’ my head, and I ain’t wearing no ring in my ear.”

The man was a star of classic Western Films and Shows, and like most stars, was paid to pretend he liked a product on television. Here’s one of the very first Mr. Clean commercials to air.

Okay, I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one that thought Mr. Clean looked like a cartoon in that commercial. I’m also going to assume that I’m not the only one that thought Mr. Clean looked a little, how do you say… gay? And I’m also going to assume that I’m not the only one still singing that song in my head.

Anyway, R.I.P. Mr. Clean.

Iceland Teeters on the Edge of Bankruptcy

I honestly debated whether or not to even bring this up. But, I’ll be honest, it’s kinda sad. If a whole entire country full of people working and doing whatever the hell it is they do up in Iceland can’t make it in a bad economy, how am I supposed to? I know there’s going to be those out there with their knowledge and Iceland books saying things like… “Jason, don’t you know that Iceland only blah blah blah.” And to those people I say… yeah, I did know that.

Iceland’s main exports are Ice, Polar Bear Halloween costumes, and Vikings. And I realize that Halloween only comes once a year, so that isn’t exactly something they can bank on.

Hey kids, I’m fun to wear all year long! (Mom and Dad, I make a great Easter Sunday outfit!)

However, Iceland still has all that Ice and the Vikings!

Okay, I’ve just been informed by the team of researchers and scientists that work for gremlindog.com that I have no idea what I’m talking about. So, I’ll just say that it sucks for Iceland about the bankruptcy, and good luck to all the Vikings.

Deepest Living Fish Found

Apparently the former record was 4 miles, but recently scientists in Japan have found a fish that lives 4.8 miles down. It’s called “Who gives a shit about this fish” and feeds on shrimp.

The fish was described by it’s finders as “surprisingly cute” and I have to agree. All of the deep sea fish I’ve ever dated have always been fuuuuuhhhhhgly!

“Some people say I look like Ariel because of my red hair.”

I find this news heartwarming, how cool is it to find out something that we didn’t know before? Actually, I’m kidding. Gas costs me over $3 a gallon, and scientists are deep sea diving for fish that live really deep. Fuck fish. Discover a lizard that shits dollar bills, and then I’ll be impressed.

Hannah Montana Mania

Girls, heck boys even, be lovin some Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana Mania, as we in the biz call “Hannah Montana Mania”, has been sweeping the country for awhile now. But, it wasn’t until today at work that I realized just how bad batshit insane that it really is.

I had a customer come into the store with two little girls. They were probably around the age of 6-7, both girls were well behaved. As their mother walked up to the counter they followed…wearing not one, but TWO Hannah Montana T-shirts!

This is only five of the literally 86 gazillion shirts available online for parents to buy for their kids. I did the math and if those two little girls were both wearing Hannah Montana t-shirts… that means that… (carry the 2) 100% of the little girls in my store today were wearing Hanna Montana t-shirts! If they represent an accurate base of all kids in the world. That means that 100% of all little girls are wearing Hannah Montana t-shirts.

Girls from all over the world are wearing Hannah Montana t-shirts. And friends, this is not limited to just little girls. Oh no.



Even Old Men.

Everyone is in on Hannah Montana Mania. After doing some research… thank you encyclopedia kid…

…I even found that Hannah Montana Mania has been a problem that has plagued our fine country for many many years.

Hannah Montana Mania is out there. You’ve been warned. And as I see it, you have only two options.

#1. Invest in Hannah Montana stock and become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

#2. Or, move to Antarctica and try to get away from it all.

Oh shit.

Today in the News

it Friday the 13th? Full moon? Has a maniacal magician been loosed upon the Earth? Seriously, just reading through the headlines of online news sources, I was amazed to find that the world went batshit crazy today. Yeah, seriously. And I’m not talking about natural disasters, wars, or polar icecaps melting. I’m referring to the serious issues. Groundbreaking news folks. Stuff like…


Former ‘Pregnant Man’ Debuts Baby

Excuse me while I go hurl…

On June 29 at 8:55 p.m., Beatie, 34, a former female beauty pageant contestant, made cultural history as perhaps the first legally transgender male to give birth, bringing into the world a 9 lbs., 5 oz. baby girl named Susan Juliette.

Apparently this guy used to be a gal. And he thought it’d be cool to be preggers. As for what part of being fat, pissy, and having cankles is cool, I’m not sure. But, through the miracle of mad scientists working in some dark dungeon, a baby was made.

Crows Thomas, “Susan is a miracle! And we’re finally the family we’ve been dreaming of.”

One can only imagine that dream. It probably involves a lot of alcohol, and a game of Truth or Dare. The only thing more disgusting to me than the idea of a man giving birth…

The free Suntan Lotion Kiosk at a water park.


Wax Amy Winehouse Unveiled

Oh wow. That’s so awesome. It’s so, lifelike?

Seriously, why? I could understand wanting to see a wax replica of someone that I couldn’t actually see anymore, like a deceased celebrity. Or seeing a wax replica of someone that I actually give a rat’s ass about, like a real celebrity. But Amy Winehouse?

Madame Tussauds unveiled a waxwork of Amy Winehouse on Wednesday complete with her signature beehive, black eyeliner and a bright yellow minidress.

It’s funny though, because when I first read the headline, I thought, oh my. It’s surprising though, they didn’t make the wax replica very lifelike…


Miley Cyrus Auctions Red Carpet Date

Miley Cyrus is auctioning off the hottest ticket in teen town: A date with the megastar!

Wow, what a chance for a lucky fan to spend some quality time with this teenage pop star! Seems like a great thing for her to do really.

Being auctioned on Ebay, the highest bid for the night-on-the-town with the Hannah Montana star, 15, currently stands around $2,000. The auction kicked off Tuesday night and ends July 29.

Well, looks like I’ve been outbid.

Congrats on raising all that money! Of course, opening up the bidding to everyone with an Ebay account could be a little scary. Oh, the results are in…and here’s the winna!

I can haz date with Miley Cyrus?


Zac’s Big Bang Theory

Zac Efron finds a nifty solution to his long hair, tying back his bangs for a trip to the gym Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

Wow, congratulations dude. You’ve done the impossible. The unthinkable. You’ve found a nifty solution to keeping your hair out of your face! It’s called a ponytail dude. Girls have been doing it for years. I’ve got another nifty solution for you. It’s called a hair cut.


Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez… Are They Dating?

Oh, two teens in love. Both are stars. This should be interesting.

Now, a source confirms to PEOPLE that Jonas, 15, and Gomez, 16, are an item, saying, “They’ve been dating for months.”

A rep for the Jonas Brothers maintains there’s no romance. “They are not girlfriend and boyfriend. They’re friends. All of the Jonas Brothers are friends with Selena.”

All of the Jonas Brothers are friends with Selena! LOL, I bet they are.

Get it?


And that’s the news! Join us next time as we update you on other stories that you probably shouldn’t care about either.

Signing off.

Batman… The True Rogues Gallery

Dunanananananananana… BATMAN! Yeah, he’s coming back to a theater near you this very week! And I can almost guarantee that no one is as excited as I am.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not one of those guys that will be camping out overnight so I can be the first to get tickets. Mostly because Evan won’t let me, because he’s getting married. But, man I am so excited about this movie. What’s not to love about Batman. I mean seriously…

Awesome Vehicles:

Awesome Gadgets:

and Awesome Sidekicks:

But what makes Batman what he is? The villains!

Holy shit. Look at those guys, there’s some B.A.M.F.ers in that lot. Check out that guy with the machete… you think that guy is messing around. Hell no he’s not. None of these guys are. But seriously, the Batman Rogues Gallery is freaking full of, well, freaks. Killer Croc, Bane, Ra’s al Ghul, and many more. It’s a buffet of all you can eat bad guys. But if you sit back and think, which I don’t recommend, you might find that it’s not as impressive as it appears. I mean, some of these ideas for bad guys are a little far fetched, or ridiculous maybe. And that’s what we’re here to pursue. To delve deeper into. What if the Batman Villains were actually what they say they were!?!?!

Let’s take a stroll down Reality Lane, to Gotham City!

A lovely town no doubt. Full of commerce, whores, and drugs. The perfect place to raise a family. If it weren’t for the seedy criminal underground that is, attempting to control everyone. How’s a guy supposed to enjoy his Girls Gone Grabblin’ DVD when there’s a bunch of punks running around trying to ruin everything. And no, I didn’t make that up. There really is such a DVD.


Anyway, Gotham has some issues man. And those issues involve some bastards.

Look over there! It’s THE PENGUIN!

Ah yes, Batman’s Cuddliest opponent now has Happy Feet. Careful Batman, you wouldn’t want to cross this foul creature. He’s been known to… swim aggressively, eat fish, and walk hundreds of miles over ice.

How do we defeat such a terrible villain. Go somewhere warmer. Done. Danger avoided just barely there Batman. Now that we’ve left the Gotham Zoo, we can take a walk down this City Park path and, OH NO, POISON IVY!

Oh boy, how in the world can someone manage to overcome a plant? Oh, I guess we could just not go near it. Good to be careful Batman, you know what happened last time you crossed this dangerous adversary.

Best to take two steps to the left, and avoid this villain altogether. But of course, by moving to the left, we’ve found ourselves in a field. A field of corn. A field that houses yet another evil creature. A creature known as the SCARECROW!

See, that’s the thing about Scarecrows. They scare crows. Not bats. Or men. So someone named BATMAN shouldn’t really be alarmed. His arsenal of weapons? Straw and Straw hats. Oh, and did I mention 100% of scarecrows are lacking a brain?

Just give this guy some Suduko puzzle books and I think we’re set. But I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, because over there folks, is none other than the CATWOMAN!

Otherwise known as the Crazy Cat Lady, Catwoman draws her talents and skills from dander, litter clumps, and hairballs. She’s disgusting, the leading cause of sneezing and sniffling, and the reason that most women over the age of 40 have a bad rap. What threat does she pose to Batman. Only this.


And finally, we approach the final villain capable of doing an end to the Dark Knight, the Man in Black, the Caped Crusader.


He tells jokes, and no one laughs. No one is a bigger buzz kill than The Joker. “What’s the deal with airplanes?” He asks. Nothing you say. But he doesn’t seem to get it. Or want to quit. The Joker is the final straw. He pisses you off, and drinks your beer. Not even Batman stands a chance at saving the party. Or the movie starring him.

Thanks Joker. Thanks for ruining Batman’s day.

(It should be noted that I own the shirt worn by the gentleman in the above pic.)