The Goonies… Where Are They Now?

The Goonies is one of my, and I bet your, favorite movies of all time. It’s just got everything you could possible ask for in a movie. Action, suspense, mystery, comedy, a great cast, a fun plot, and Sloth.

So what’s up with The Goonies crew? Where are they now? What are they doing? Are they even alive?


Mikey – Sean Astin

Mikey is the hero of the movie who’s out to save his neighborhood, The Goon Docks, from demolition. His goal, to find the lost treasure of the pirate One Eyed Willy. He overcomes his problems with asthma and dyslexia by being a genuinely positive and enthusiastic attitude. Mikey is played by Sean Astin. Astin went on to star in the movie Rudy, and most importantly the role of Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. A role that would springboard him into stardom, directing opportunities, and guest starring roles. He is married and has 3 children.

Chunk – Jeff Cohen

Chunk and the truffle shuffle are probably the most memorable parts of The Goonies with the exception of Sloth. Chunk is the comic relief of the Goonies group, with that humor normally revolving around food. But in the end saves everyone from disaster by teaming up with Sloth to put a stop to the Fratellis. Chunk was played by Jeff Cohen, who has since gone on to graduate from UCLA where he studied law. Cohen now co-owns a law firm in Beverly Hills, California where he practice entertainment law.

Mouth – Cory Feldman

Mouth is the smartass obnoxious best friend of Mikey and from the start of the movie you can easily see how he got his name. He may seem to be more of a hinderance to the Goonies cause, but proves reliable at talking his way out of problems and his fluency in Spanish also plays a key role. Mouth shares a mutual crush on Stef. Cory Feldman played the part of Mouth and a virtual slew of other films in the 80’s and 90’s. Most notably The Lost Boys, Stand By Me, and two movies in the Friday the 13th series. Feldman has battled drugs and poor choices over the years. Most recently making appearances on The Surreal Life and Two Coreys with fellow child star Corey Haim.

Data – Jonathan Ke Quan

The 4th core member of the Goonies group is Data. The brains of the operation, Data is seen throughout the film using a variety of gadgets he invented modeled after his idol James Bond. Though the inventions seem a little silly and useless at first, Data goes on to save the lives of the entire group on more than one occasion. Jonathan Ke Quan started his film career along side Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and has also starred in a couple of TV shows including Head of the Class in the 90’s. Quan is now a stunt coordinator and worked on the X-Men movie.

Brand – Josh Brolin

Brand is Mikey’s older brother and at the beginning against his quest to find the gold. But, pairing his concern for his brother and the crush that he has on fellow Goonie Andy, he eventually does all he can to help. Josh Brolin had his career kickstarted with his role on The Goonies and has gone on to a successful career in acting including No Country For Old Men, American Gangster, and most recently W. He is married and has two kids.

Andy – Kerri Green

Andy is not a Goonie at the start of the movie, in fact she’s pretty much the opposite. An attractive cheerleader from the better side of town she begins the movie dating a football star that antagonizes the group before she starts up her relationship with Brand. Andy eventually solves One Eyed Willy’s most complicated puzzle with her limited knowledge of piano playing. Kerri Green played the role of Andy, and later gained critical acclaim in the movie Lucas. Since then Green has started a film production company called Independent Women Artists.

Stef – Martha Plimpton

Stef is Andy’s best friend and stands by her throughout the movie. Stef is also the opposition to the smart-alec attitude of Mouth and often butts heads with him. This later leads to flirtation. The role of Stef was portrayed by Martha Plimpton who originally gained notice as a model. She has been featured in films throughout her career including The Mosquito Coast and I Shot Andy Warhol, but has made more of an impact in television and theater. She is currently a member of The Steppenwolf Theatre Company Ensemble.

Sloth – John Matuszak

Sloth is the deformed and extra large sibling of the Fratellis, the group the Goonies are challenged by for One Eyed Willy’s gold. Sloth was dropped as a child on more than one occasion by his mother which is what caused his ugly appearance. After being tormented by his family, he befriends Chunk and helps save the day at the end. The character of Sloth was played by John Matuszak, started out his career as a Pro Football player and was a part of two Raiders Superbowl Championship teams. Matuszak would eventually be featured in several other movies and television programs including M*A*S*H, The Dukes of Hazzard, and The A-Team. He died in 1989 at the age of 38 from heart failure, possibly has a result of steroid use.

Mama Fratelli – Anne Ramsey

Mama Fratelli is the elderly and domineering matriarch of the Fratelli clan. Her sons Jake, Francis, and Sloth are the “bad guys” in The Goonies. Looking to get rich quick, Ma Fratelli hounds the kids after they stumble upon her hideout. Anne Ramsey, who was 56 when The Goonies was filmed won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role. She also starred in the film, Throw Momma From the Train which earned her an Oscar Nomination. She died in 1988 of throat cancer.

Jake Fratelli – Robert Davi

Jake Fratelli is the opera singing Fratelli brother who torments the Goonies and his brother Sloth. The part was played by Robert Davi who has gone on to a limited movie career including Diehard and Predator 2. But his most recognizable role was as a lead role in the sitcom The Profiler and later was a part of Stargate Atlantis. He was presented with the LIFETIME Achievement Award by the Italian Board of Directors in New York for his involvement in community. He is married and has 6 children.

Francis Fratelli – Joe Pantoliano

The brains of the Fratelli clan, Francis is often at odds with his brother. Joe Pantoliono played the role of Francis and has since succeeded in having a very successful career in film and television. He’s been featured in The Fugitive, Bad Boys, The Matrix, and Daredevil. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his part in The Sopranos. He is married and has four children.


This article originally started out as a humorous look back at one of my favorite movies of all time. But, I think the movie speaks for itself. I hope you enjoyed finding out about what’s up with the cast of the Goonies as much as I did.

37 thoughts on “The Goonies… Where Are They Now?”

  1. Just clarifying here, Robert Davi was on Stargate: Atlantis, but did not have a leading role. He was in only 5 episodes.

  2. Yeah , I remember that movie, The cutest of all!!!, I never knew about what they looks like right now. “Throw Momma off the train” was the hilarious thing I ever watched.

  3. Man that was a great movie when I was growing up and it still is a GREAT movie. I’m just glad no Studio has’nt remade tried to remake this classic movie. Cause they would just ruin it. HEY YOU GUYS!

  4. Definitely on of my favorite movies. Chuck and Stef are my favorite characters.

    Martha Plimpton, to my mind, is the an excellent actor and the best of the Goonie Alum. Her role as Claire Rinato on L&O: SVU was a tour de force. She was nominated for an emmy for the role.

    I think you might have underestimated Robert Davi. According to IMDB, he was a long career, with 51 moves and 49 TV roles. He is the writer, director, and lead player in the critically acclaimed move, “The Dukes”.

  5. This is one for the category of “movie that made the actors that made the movies” or is that “actors that made the movie that made the actors” – anyway like “American Graffiti” and “Stand By Me”

  6. I was 13 when this came out, a great movie that I must’ve seen a million times.

    I can’t get over how good Jeff Cohen looks, he looks great.

    Brings back the memories.

  7. one thing I do remember is Jonathan Ke Quan and Sean Astin did do another film together after this one…Encino Man aka California man(1992).

  8. Wow, did Josh Brolin become HAWT or what? And I mean both looks *and* career.
    Awesome guy. It’s kinda sad though when you look at the other Goonies who didn’t really make it and who fell short in the looks department too.
    Brand on the other hand, man, so hot. Coolness personified.

  9. Justin lee collins is bringing back the goonies cast for a reunion. The search will be on tv in the UK sometime later this year.

  10. you did a great job on this! thanks, its fun to see how those kids ended up. it is so funny to see how chunks came out to be one of the more attractive of the bunch!

  11. John Matuszak didnt die from steroid use, he died from an overdose of an analgesic and cocaine. Do some research idiot.

  12. rob davi was one of the biggest names in this film, to say his most noticeable part was a one part stargate roles alittle misleadin as this new york legend has starred in films such as rawdeal, die hard, predator 2 etc etc… not exactly leadin roles but he was already a big name star and this was the mid eighties so the adult actors screen lifespan was short due to the rise and popularity of child actors… which is what the goonies was all about, infact all the adult actors had carved out their movie names years before this film except for the somewhat genius joe pantoliano, the guy only then starred in great films after and more noticeably in the nineties with great films like the fugitive, us marshalls/fugitive 2, bad boys, cypher in the matrix… awesome performance n the list goes on, hes never had hair tho, well he lost it early in his late teens so its funny when the goonies make a point of that with his ‘is it, isn’t it’ a hair piece drama haha, all actors young and adult have been pretty successful i’d say apart from the two girls and jeff, hes a law eterny now so i read somewhere which is great but a shame not to see him continue his actin as he was very original… hes thin too! puppy fat is a bitch

  13. The Goonies is one of my, and I bet your, favorite movies of all time. It’s just got everything you could possible ask for in a movie. Action, suspense, mystery, comedy, a great cast, a fun plot, and Sloth.

  14. This is definitely one of my favorite movies…and oh btw…holy cow Chunk/Jeff Cohen grew and became smoking hot!

  15. I love this movie, and the music They play reminds me of the 80’s when music was music. Oh how I Miss those Years.

  16. One off the best films captured the mind off a child. just like my head as a child i was always on adventures and crusades ..iam in my late 40s and still say am a goonie .lol love it ..good to know what all the Actors are doing ..very sad sloth died at such a young age .legend r.i.p x

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