TV’s Sexiest Celebrity Chefs

This Thanksgiving, food is on the mind. But, if you’re like most guys… girls are there too. Right behind food.

So, we thought we’d do you a favor and bring together the best of both worlds. No, not women made of food…

We’re talking about a bunch of pictures of the hot women who prepare your food! TV’s Sexiest Chefs, enjoy!


Giada De Laurentiis – Host of Everyday Italian on Food Network

Giada is a total babe, and if she wasn’t cooking up yummy stuff on tv, she could easily be on the cover of magazines and billboards. Born in Italy, she’s that really gorgeous foreign chick that you dream about being stranded on a deserted island with.


Rachael Ray – Host of 30 Minute Meals and Tasty Travels on Food Network

Rachael is easily the most popular person to have ever cooked anything, she has magazines, television shows, talk shows, and she’s a hottie. She’s like the girl next door that enjoyed watching football and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty eating ribs, or making out.


Cat Cora – A Chef from Iron Chef America on Food Network

Cat easily hold her own against the other Iron Chefs, and that’s why she scares us. She’s hard nosed, tough as nails, and at the end of each competition, shares shots with her team. Not that you’d mind taking shots with her, party chicks are always fun, especially good looking ones.


Ingrid Hoffman – Host of Simply Delicioso on Food Network

Ingrid is no doubt Muy Caliente! Bringing a hispanic flair to Food Network, she makes you want to grab a bottle of tequila, a bunch of limes, and a shaker of salt and hit the beach for a good time. Swimwear is optional for any attractive people.


Sandra Lee – Host of Semi-Homemade on Food Network

Sandra probably reminds a lot of you of your friend’s hot mom. That’s cool, she’s smokin’, and no one will disagree. Best part of her show is that she’s always mixing up cocktails for any meal, even breakfast. Gives you the impression that she’s “open minded” if you know what we mean.

4 thoughts on “TV’s Sexiest Celebrity Chefs”

  1. Giada De Laurentiis is the only thing I like on Food Network. She constantly is showing off her boobs/cleavage and she knows it. I could care less what she’s cooking, its the occasionally chest shot that totally is a win. The only thing I hate about her show is the random camera angles/shots they toss in of stuff that really doesnt need to be zoomed in on. The only thing they should be zooming in on is her large breasts.

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