Preachers That Are Batshit Crazy Insane

Sharing the Good Word comes in many forms. Pastors are constantly challenged by how they will get through to the masses, to share what God has planned for them in Heaven.

“5… 5 Dollar… 5 Dollar Foot long.”

So how is a Minister supposed to reach out and bring the lost home? Apparently it’s by being completely out of their minds. As seen below with the…

Top 10 Preachers That Are Batshit Crazy Insane.

STOP! I lost a contact lense!

Some of these Preachers are from TV, some from College Campuses, and some from inside their churches. Apparently craziness knows no bounds.

*Please keep in mind that some of these videos are kinda long, please allow them time to load up.*


#10 – “You Guys Gotta Call Me On Regular Phones, These Cellphones Are Horrible!”

#9 – LOL!

#8 – “Are You Using Profanity Son? Then You’re In Trouble With God.”

#7 – “God won’t accept…”

#6 – “Mother Nature Don’t Do That!”

#5 – “Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddd!!!!!”

#4 – “SU-PER-S-T-D!”

#3 – “Get Wasted!”

#2 – “Satanists Melt Babies Into Candles!”

#1 – “I Come In The Name Of Jesus, Repeat It After Me Bitch!”


Just so everyone knows, we at Gremlindog honestly have the utmost respect for anyone that has the guts to be a minister/preacher/pastor/priest. But geez… these guys are just a little too far gone. Ever had something like this happen to you on campus, at your church, or have you seen a program like this on TV? Tell us about it in the Comments Section!

12 thoughts on “Preachers That Are Batshit Crazy Insane”

  1. okay so i go to AppState, and we had just yesterday a big guy in a baseball cap and suspenders yelling on the mall in the middle of campus. people were crowding, and he would point at girls and say they were going to hell for wearing pants, he would point at guys with piercings and say that god refused to love them, and when he got wore out he said “whoever wants a free ticket to heaven, go get me a drink of water”

    and apparently he comes around every year, misquoting the bible.

    student: what do you think of “thou shalt not kill?”
    crazyguy: i believe in “thou shalt not MURDER. i can justify killing someone who breaks into my house, and it is not a murder. the lord says ‘murder’ is a sin”

  2. #8 wasn’t crazy at all, everything he said was right on. The kid was obviously a believer but, he made himself look kind of green.

    #9 = WTF?!?

  3. the preacher in #8 was wrong both in preaching and tact. The teenager knew God more than that preacher who seems to believe that Jesus’s love come in parts…If God loves us enough to give his ONLY son so that we may be saved then we should all recognise the enormousness of that love, those ho truly repent and have God in there hearts and minds will be saved.
    Think about it.

    God bless you all

  4. “But that’s life.One minute your’e on top of the world the next minute some secretary’s running you over with a lawnmower.”
    -Joan Harris(Christina Hendricks):”Mad Men”.

  5. “Whenever God closes a door he opens a dress.”
    -Roger Sterling(John Slattery):”Mad Men”.
    “Apparently Jesus Don’t Like The Apache.”
    -Ben Wade(Russell Crowe):”3:10 to Yuma”.

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