Guy Love

Every so often, I stop and think about just how lucky I really am. Like really just stop everything I’m doing and think. Sometimes it happens while I’m driving, and I swerve into oncoming traffic. But, other times such as last night, I was moved, not in the physical sense, this time it was emotional. I was thinking about how lucky I am to have such great friends. Mostly due to being excited about my buddy’s wedding, and getting to see all my friends this upcoming weekend, while I was shopping for his wedding gift.

Something for Him

Something for Her

And I realized, dude, I love these guys. Not in the sense that it’s weird. But in the sense that I would definitely consider having their names tatooed somewhere on my body. Nah, I’m kidding.

Actually, I would… I would totally do that.

Seriously how special is this thing we call Guy Love? It’s special. And it’s magical. It’s like a Fuckin’ Special Ed Unicorn it’s so special and magical.

But, how do you know if there’s a couple of fellas living it up in a Bromance? I’ll show you.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Signs of Guy Love.


#1. They Give One Arm Hugs

Few guys even like to touch each other, let alone hug. But there’s a select few, that share Guy Love, that don’t mind one little bit.

Don’t let your tummies touch boys, and it’s totally hetero. Heck you can even have your shirt off and it’s still not even the slightest bit odd. Nothing feels quite as good as your buddy’s sweaty, hairy arm pit pressed up against your neck.

#2. They High Five Each Other

This is a sure sign that one guy is sweet on another guy. He’s always throwing up High Fives. Why? Have you ever seen a picture of 2 guys giving each other a High Five? Look, I’ll share one.

Every single High Five ever given is EPIC. It becomes a thing of legend. The sound heard round the world? It was a High Five between two best buds. And what guy doesn’t want to be remembered for something amazing. Take my own wedding for example. No one remembers the colors of the flowers or the taste of the cake. However, I guarantee they remember that High Five.

#3. They Like Being Naked Together

It might be in a pool, on a trampoline, but never in a bed; sometimes guys just get naked together.

A slap in the face to everyone around them maybe. Guys just want to show how much they care. And that is measured by how naked they are. Note the level of love in the picture above is off the charts.

#4. They Buy Stuff For Each Other

No, I’m not talking about dinner, or clothes. Well, sometimes clothes. But, only if it’s like a really cool pair of pants that you just know your bud would look great in. However, usually it’s things that your bro wouldn’t get from his family or girlfriend/wife. That’s when you have to step in and set your bud up.

I got one for both of us, cause we’re both so super!

Action figures, video games, pokemon cards. If it’ll make your friend smile, you’re gonna buy it. Cause you love him.

#5. They Hang Out… All The Time

Guys love being with other guys they love. Why do you think we play sports? To impress women, for exercise, or to entertain someone? No… it’s because we get to hang out with a bunch of the guys.

And oh man, watch out when guys get together to play video games. It’s like a dude orgy. Oftentimes, you might find all the above roped together on video game night. Naked guys hugging, throwing up high fives, because their bud bought them the new Smackdown Game for them to play. Hanging out is to guys as having vaginas is to women.


Don’t try to understand it ladies. It’s just guy love. And you know what. It’s okay.